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I think we will have a BLAST so come on out and have a good time.I am only trying to get people to go Roger1010 is in charge of this do and I did not want to step on toes to get this up and running.Next time Roger1010 you will have to start a thread in the get together forum so people can post if they are coming so people would have an idea who is who, because this did not work well.

If you are nervous come and look for me and I will introduce you to my friends and we can go from there.

We had an enjoyable meal, a few drinks, checked upstairs, figured the party was a no go , so we left after the band played their first set.

Still had a good time , just wished we could have met a few of you. Hi Chippin NS there was a bunch of us there sitting at the long table in front of the band.

I did not get there until after 9pm and there was not alot of people there. You would figure that it you put something together you would at least be there.

I spoke to a few POFers but the place was so packed up stairs that you could not tell who was who. I had a family emergency, I couldn't get there until later on, I hope all that showed had a good time.

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