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It is not that I am not capable of doing most of the stunts, it is an insurance liability for me to risk anything.I do all of my own riding, but when falling, jumping, or a crazed horse is concerned they bring in a stunt double.Heartland films every year from May until mid December, and then we all have January until late April off.When we are filming my day begins around am when I get showered & dressed, brush my teeth and head out to the barn to do chores.

From day one, Graham Wardle (Ty) and Kerry James (Caleb) and I became great friends.During the second season we all lived very close to one another in downtown Calgary. Wed work together all day, come home only to head out for dinner or a game of football toss in the park.I do miss those times, but now I have moved out into the country and have animals to care for, so it is not as easy to get together after a long workday.Over the four seasons of Heartland we have had some incredible scenes of horses rearing, and my character falling or crashing into jumps and many other dangerous situations.I have had stunt doubles that come in to do these specific action shots.

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