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People who pay for chat services are often the people whose sexual fetish is so fucked up or broken that they need to pay someone in order to get it. Luckily we are both employed, but man, this would be a nice supplement. Ha Edit: I read about details being shared - the answer is no, but does not mention what is shared on the 1099.

You are willingly putting yourself into a situation with people like that and having to play along. I hate my receptionist job and I'm thinking I can slowly but surely replace my job. I applied even though the website isn't secured and got an email directly to my main email box (not updates or promotions like most other sites).

I was always paid out via Pay Pal, though about 15 years ago direct to bank account via wire. At the very least, if my "change the subject" responses weren't exactly what they were looking for, I was at least "trainable."So, considering it is an unsecured site and I got a flat rejection, I'm guessing this is some variety of fake. I passed my test and they sent an email asking me if I wanted to proceed.

I said yes and they sent me another email asking for a copy of my ID showing my age and name.

This is one of our busier rooms, and has adults from all over the world available to chat around the clock.

Please be respectful toward other users in order to keep Adult Chat a pleasant, safe, and friendly environment for everyone.

The questions about meeting up, I would mention being busy but not say directly I would meet with them later. This includes random jobs, online employers, sites that pay you and ways to monetize websites.

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I was told it may take 24 hrs before my account is activated though.

They don't mention that on their page when you initially sign up.

When I would get sex questions saying like, "How do I like to play with myself"?

There is a "loop hole" with the 3rd party being the one to pay you (not direct transactions with the customer) but I have known ladies working companies that pay through paypal to have their accounts locked down. it might have tax information like some transcription sites i've been applying to.

Also IME companies that use paypal instead of their own payroll services are the ones most likely to go shady, not pay out, or go belly up over night. did you read the "Will my real details ever be revealed? but maybe...won't need to decide to try it, let me know how it went! sending messages to oddfellas willing to pay for it sounds fun and it's better than having anxiety and having to talk to these people.

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