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“Many times, singles will not feel a part of the church.

It is a hard feeling going to church by yourself and wondering if you will be noticed by anyone.”Between 19, the median age of first marriages jumped four years — from 23 to 27 for men and from 21 to 25 for women, according to Census data.

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As many Americans wait longer to marry, single church members sometimes feel caught in the gap between their high school or college years and their eventual wedding, Chandler said.“You are in that strange period in life of not being in college anymore but also not being married,” he said.

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Organizers launched a Web site at a place for singles ministries to share resources. “In addition, we are hopeful that our Christian colleges will consider adding singles ministry courses to their curriculum to better prepare future ministers to minister to this important group,” Mellor said.

Traditionally, churches have geared themselves more toward married couples and families than singles, said Gary Cochran, singles minister and licensed counselor at the Prestoncrest church in Dallas.

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