80 20 rule for dating

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The 80/20 rule allows for people in relationships to take a fraction of their time away from their partner to take part in these self-fulfilling activities.In some cases, partners may choose to enjoy the company of other sexual or romantic partners.Forget about the 20 percent that's probably something insignificant anyway.Appreciate your loved one and always let them know it. You gave up a caring, respectful, amazing partner for an obnoxious, drunk, party animal because it seemed like everything you wanted at the time.This rule may seem obvious, but next time you want to complain about your boyfriend or girlfriend, I bet you’ll think twice and remember the 80 percent that you get every day.Open relationships allows more sexual freedom when it comes to relationships, as some people allow their husbands and wives to get jiggy behind their backs.By laying out these boundaries and talking about fantasies, couples have sworn by open dating.

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Here are eight reasons why you should put it into practice.

You’ve likely heard of the 80/20 rule when it comes to diet (both Jillian Michaels and Miranda Kerr use it to guide their healthy eating habits), but there’s another area of your life that you should be applying the principle to: your dating life.

In this instance, the theory goes that in a healthy relationship, 80 percent of it should be amazing, and the other 20 percent should be … In other words, you’re never going to find a person who is 100 percent what you want all the time, but if you have a relationship that’s 80 percent great, then you can’t sweat the other 20 percent.

I used to think this was a weird rule, but as I’ve gotten older and better adjusted to reality, I’ve realized that it makes a lot more sense than I previously thought.

In fact, it’s really smart: Instead of obsessing about finding the “perfect” relationship—which is unattainable, since nothing is perfect—and always coming up short, the 80/20 rule gives us permission to embrace our relationships, accepting our partners for who they are (and accepting ourselves, by extension).

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