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By choosing us as your sole supplier you can save time, money and concentrate on what’s most important…your business.We specialise in and offer: We understand that managing and saving costs is crucial to any business, which is why we promise to stand comparison with any other supplier by guaranteeing highly competitive pricing day after day.It relies on the UK government for foreign relations and defence, but is otherwise largely self-governing. It's family you call best friends and best friends you call family.If the island passes the measure, it will be the first place in the British Isles to legalise assisted suicide.

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This approach is slowly phasing out as more and more individuals seek to meet and date singles online.And Kathy Schiffer asks why Christian artists are drawn to “flying, fluttering, squawking peacocks”.Follow me on Twitter @lukecoppen for updates throughout the day.Catholic, Anglican and Methodist leaders said vulnerable people would be at risk More than 50 church leaders on the island of Guernsey have united to write an open letter opposing attempts to introduce assisted suicide.Representatives from 41 churches warned of the ‘danger’ of such a measure, saying it would pose a threat to the elderly, people with disabilities and other vulnerable people.

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