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While Christianity claims to have a monopoly on prophetic interpretation of the Holy Writ that is only because we fail to investigate and research what may a far more serious scholarly study of the ancient prophets by the sages of Judaism.

The Christian faith held a spiritual interpretation concerning the coming of the Messiah until the coming of the Advent Movement.

They are the Golden Internationale, or the western globalists, internationalists and trans-nationalists, the Red Internationale or the Leninist-Communists countries headed by Russia and China and finally the Black Internationale, who hold the keys to heaven and hell, the Papal Jesuit alliance in Rome.

According to the thesis of the Dialectic Struggles between the nations and political forces on this earth, the Golden Internationale will soon conquer and absorb the Red Internationale.

Over the centuries, the attempt to identify this person has been fruitless. Occurring thirteen times in the entire Ta Na Kh (Old Testament) and the Brit Hadassah (re-Newed Testament), the light of interpretation in every reference has rendered the name meaningless.

Let us begin our search in the scripture and search for a literal physical person called Gog.

But to target US military brass with verbal assaults—especially coming from Jews whose chemistry sets off an automatic aversion in the Gentile blood of US military commanders—is to tread on volatile ground.

Whenever that day comes when Amalek forms an alliance with Edom, they will take over the world.In 1 Chronicles 5:4 it refers to the fact that Gog was one of the sons of Joel in the tribe of Reuben.At the end of the scriptural canon in the prophetic Sefer (Book) of Revelation it describes a Gog leader also of Magog who Satan will commander a host of evil men at the end of the 1000 year millennium of peace.Israel is a “criminal” state from start to finish.Just ask countless Palestinians whose land has been stolen and its people murdered.

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