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The earliest documents of settlement in the Island are found in these chronicles.These chronicles cover the period since the establishment of the Kingdom of Tambapanni in the 6th century BCE.Around 500 BCE, Sri Lankans developed a unique hydraulic civilization.Achievements include the construction of the largest reservoirs and dams of the ancient world as well as enormous pyramid-like Stupa (Dāgaba in Sinhalese) architecture.The protohistoric Early Iron Age appears to have established itself in South India by at least as early as 1200 BCE, if not earlier (Possehl 1990; Deraniyagala 194).

Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and has been found in Ancient Egypt as early as 1500 BCE, suggesting early trade between Egypt and the island's inhabitants.1000–800 BCE at Anuradhapura and Aligala shelter in Sigiriya (Deraniyagala 199-29; Karunaratne and Adikari 19; Mogren 19; with the Anuradhapura dating corroborated by Coningham 1999).It is very likely that further investigations will push back the Sri Lankan lower boundary to match that of South India.The hunter-gatherer people known as the Wanniyala-Aetto or Veddas, who still live in the central, Uva and north-eastern parts of the island, are probably direct descendants of the first inhabitants, Balangoda man.They may have migrated to the island from the mainland around the time humans spread from Africa to the Indian subcontinent.

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